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Sacred Sites Adventure Tour 2023


October 13th to 27th or Extended to November 3rd 2023


With Sacred Sites Researcher, Author & Geomancer

In Understanding the Inter- connectedness of All Things – We explore the Inner and Outer Landscapes. As we travel

We Heal Ourselves, We Heal Our Earth

An experience that will transform the way you perceive yourself and the world around you.


Our Sacred Sites Adventure Journey will take us through four countries, on a journey of re-discovery.
South Africa – Botswana – Namibia – Zimb

The Spirit of Mother Africa is deeply rooted in the Earth and land and in all that She nurtures; her Trees, her animals and her people. We will explore, interact and connect to this Nature and Spirit that surround the ancient Sacred Sites of southern Africa, and the energy, wisdom and memory they hold.A two or extended three week experience that will transform the way you perceive yourself and the world around you. Time will be spent interacting and connecting to the collective Nature and Spirit of the Land, Animals and Indigenous People, the Prehistoric Sacred Places of the ancient One’s and the Energies, Wisdom and Memories they hold. We will have authentic meetings and interactions with the indigenous “First People” and their healers, taking time for meditation, ceremonies and seeding of intentions for oneself, the planet and humanity. All this will be done with a lightness of heart, as we co-create a fun-filled journey that will be the adventure of a life time, where we re-discover and remember the inner and outer landscapes that surround and enshrine us.

Our journey will take us from Johannesburg on a Cross Country Road Adventure to the Bushmen of Botswana and the Sacred  Mountain of the Gods of Tsodillo Hill -  Camping next to the Great Cubango-Okavango River, in Namibia on the Caprivi Strip, crossing into Zimbabwe and Visiting the Great Smoke that Thunders - Victoria Falls, and the Sacred Matopos Hills and for those extending their trip onto Great Zimbabwe Ruins and the less visited Sacred Sites of the Early One’s and San People. Finally we re-enter South Africa and the Sacred lands of the Venda People, here Sydney Mikosi "Dungbeetle" our specialist guide, will lead us to the Sacred Lake Fundudzi, Thathe Holy Forest and Mashovhela Bush Lodge.


A truly African Sacred Safari, a Journey into the Antiquity of the Human Spirit.

DEAN LIPRINI is a Sacred Sites Researcher, Author and Geomancer (Earth Diviner)

who grew up on the Lower Slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. He is the founder and CEO of the Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa. He has more than 30 years full time experience in this field and has authored a book entitled “Pathways of the Sun – Unveiling the Mysteries of Table Mountain and Beyond”, published 2006. Being a pioneer of archaeo-astronomy in South Africa, Dean has managed to weave together the many layers of ancient history uncovered by his research and findings - physical, and spiritual - also adding his deep insight and knowledge of the metaphysical healing properties that surround and enshrine these sacred places. He masterfully co-creates each journey and experience by carefully discerning the particular needs of the various spiritual groups and individuals that join him.

Come and enjoy!

COST: $4000  15 days, Extended trip 21 days $5000 includes all accommodation and meals. Also includes transport, our own game drives, as well as one flight from Bulawayo to Johannesburg, for those departing on Oct 27th  2023.

Day One - October 13th New Moon WE ALL MEET

AND GREET AT SUNSET THE EVENING BEFORE OUR JOURNEY BEGINS New Moon Intentions set and shared for our Journey ahead (Hotel near JNB Airport,TBA )

                  Day Two - Oct 14th  Botswana here we come! Our unforgettable overland journey Begins!

              A day travel into Botswana along the N.Eastern Border to overnight at Francistown

Day Three Oct 15th - BOTSWANA/  THE MAKGADIKGADI SALT PAN Our plan is to  travel to along the North Easter Edge of the Ancient Makgadikadi Lake, now an incredible huge flat shallow salt pan. We will take a walk onto the Pan for Sunset, nothing less than an unforgettable deep Spiritual Experience.
We will stay at Nata Lodge

                                                                                             Day Four - Oct. 16th  BOTSWANA/ TSODILO HILLS

                                                                                                            An overland journey to the Sacred Tsodilo Hills.

We arrive in the late afternoon/Sunset at the base of the great Mother Mountain of Tsodillo where we set up our camp. Just before sunset we will gather and do a circle dance around an old African Baobab Tree and enjoy a fireside dinner.

Day Five - Oct.17th - BOTSWANA/ TSODILO HILLS – We explore the amazing Aba Ama Ana((mother father child), the 3 Sacred Mountains of  the Gods Tsodilo, Hills  and their special energies. Along with Xuntai our special local guide and one of the last people alive, who actually lived on the Mountain with his father, we visit the (Ama) Mother Mountain and explore her special sacred places, and the amazing rock art that enshrine this powerful place. At Sunset we journey to the Ancient Guardian of the Aba Father Mountain, the Ancient Sun Gazer Dean will share some of his archaeo astronomy findings regarding the Gatekeepers and earth energies that surround Tsodillo Hills. An African Sunset Meditation


Day Six - Oct 18th BOTSWANA/ TSODILO HILLS  Along with our Bushman guide we approach the Sacred Serpent cave, a 27ft Rock Python in natural stone, this ceremonial place was visited by Baba Credo Mutwa when he was still an initiate. It is said to be the earliest Ceremonial site in the world around 70000yrs ago. Here, as many before him had done, offerings of jasper spear heads were made to this serpent, which represented the Milky Way. Being a conduit to the stars, prayers were offered through the serpent to the star gods and goddesses; here we will make a fire the original way by rubbing sticks and offer prayers and intentions for humanity and our planet. There will be plenty of time for group and alone time, wanderings and meditation. Then a fireside dinner and storytelling.


Day Seven - Oct 19th  BOTSWANA/ TSODILO HILLS  - After our morning ritual Sun Greeting, we do a full energetic and meditative walking circle around of the Ama Mother Mountain, exploring many ancient caves shelters rock engravings and paintings and the old spear sharpening rock where Xuntai lives as a child.New Moon Meditation and Intention seeding.

Day Eight - Oct 20th BOTSWANA/ TSODILO HILLS  -

Morning Free Time! Late Afternoon we meet with the local families Xuntais Family,living on the land surrounding Tsodillo. Craft buying opportunity here! Evening we head back for another medicine dance circle at Xuntais home.



We pack up camp after an awesome Tsodilo Experience and cross the border into Namibia, by lunchtime we are at Ngepi Camp right on the Okavango River - Camping next to the Great Cubango-Okavango River, in Namibia on the Caprivi Strip, is an experience you will not forget ever! Here we get to connect with the energy and spirit of this Great River , we can swim in the Hippo and Crocodile safe swim cage and take an old style hollowed out tree canoe “called a mokoro”  trip, on the Kavango River up close with the water and the animals.




A full day and Night ahead as we greet the sun and the Great Kavango River, we go exploring the surrounding Nature, Swim, join guided walks, explore the communities and do our own drive through Game Safari, in one of the nearby Game Parks. Sunset Boat Cruise for those who choose (own cost)

Dinner at the Lodge!


Day Eleven - Oct 23rd – Caprivi Strip and Victoria Falls here we come!

We pack up and head for our border crossings into Zimbabwe, this days drive takes us along the Northern section of Botswana and western extreme of Namibia, here we have some amazing natural sitings of animals along the way.we arrive at late afternoon/evening at Victoria Falls Rest Camp, for our comfort we are checked into Chalets for 1 night, so we do not need to set camp, we will also dine at the in house restaurant.

Day Twelve Oct 24th FULL Day to explore the Sacred Smoke that Thunders.

Greet the falls…Dean will share insights to the Sacred Spirit and Magical Rainbow

Energies of this Sacred Place. Overnight at a local Medicine Man Mpisi

at his Village. He will share his stories and home cooked local meal with us.


Day Thirteen - Oct 25th – BULAWAYO AND MATOPOS HILLS

In the morning, Chief Mpisi will teach us more about the local customs and culture, and a local lunch experience. We then have leisurely afternoons drive through amazing ZIMBABWE landscape passing many small villages along on our way on route to Bulawayo, where we will stay close to the sacred Matopos Hills at Big Cave Camp .We stay in the Matabele Village huts for two nights.



We journey out for the day on the Sacred Matopos Hills resting place of many chiefs and of course Cecil John Rhodes..we feel into this powerful hill with all its spiritual attributes..time for meditation and some energy work. Home for another awesome African sunset and final circle dance and sharing, for those in our group who will choose to fly out back to Johannesburg the next day.

Day Fifteen - Oct 27th –  GREAT ZIMBABWE

Morning drop off those departing at Bulawayo Airport (Flight to Johannesburg is included in tour cost) and then on to Great Zimbabwe Ruins! Late Afternoon sunset at Great Zimbabwe Ruins…Overnight at Great Zimabawe Lodge


Day 16 and Day 17 and 18 -  Oct 28 & Oct 29th  and 30th– GREAT ZIMBABWE RUINS

We connect up for 3 awesome, full day outings, with our local guide and expert Ernest, who can share and take us to some of the less visited sacred sites surrounding Great Zimbabwe area…The 28th is Full Moon and we will ensure we are on the Great Zimbabwe Ruins to Greet the Moon. Each day spent here, we will have time to deeply connect with each place, there will be time for meditation and short vision questing. This is a powerful place steeped with many layers and epochs of our humanity! These pics will give you some idea of the energy of these special places we will visit. Sunset Meditation Overnight at Great Zimabawe Ancient City Lodge 


Day 19 - Oct 31st Great Zimbabwe & Venda Land – Azimba Mountain Lodge and the Home of our specialist Venda guide Nelson, travelling through the awesome landscape of Zimbabwe on route to Beit Bridge Border crossing back into South Africa. On our way we stop to visit and greet the Great and Majestic Baobab Tree a special treat awaits us, to be completely inside this awesome Being, here we do a collective sounding and intention setting for ourselves and humanity. We reach Azimba Lodge and have a sunset celebration and dinner to the sound of beating drums of the local Venda People…we dance under the stars.

Day 20 - Nov 1st - Venda Land - Sacred Lake Fundudzi

This day we are in the care of Nelson who will lead us to the Sacred Venda Sites, sharing his great knowledge and wisdom, of Lake Fundudzi, The ancestral spirits who inhabit the lake are said to be guarded by a white crocodile. The fullness of the lake and its colour indicate the mood of the ancestors, and predicts the coming rainy season. After a long and deeply experiential day..we settle in for good nights rest in an awesome setting under the stars. 



Day 21 Nov 2nd Mpipidi Falls and Thathe Holy Forest, a burial ground sacred to the Venda People, and is said to be protected by a half-man, half-lion creature called the Nethane.We finish off with a visit to the sacred hotsprings. This is our last night together at Azimbo Lodge and we come together after dinner to share our journey experiences in a sacred circle together…we offer our prayer of gratitude to Great Spirit and the stars above…

Day 22 Nov 3rd Johannesburg Airport 

Shuttle to Airport or stay longer to explore more?  Best arrange late afternoon\evening flight to your next destination.


Please confirm that you wish to join this special



October and November 2023


A 50% deposit is required to secure your place, balance August 1st 2023

Please Confirm that you wish to join this special Sacred Sites Adventour Journey .A.S.A.P.

Bookings will be on first come first served bases open to 11 people only

 To to share DEAN’s cell: 0794048762 



    Bank Payment Details 


Payee Bank Account Name: SACRED SITE TOURS

Bank Account Number: 62555350124 .....Branch Code: 250655


General information, REGISTRATION, TERMS & CONDITIONS & Release of Liability

Please read thoroughly
The Tour Includes the following
  • All transport upon arrival in South Africa (including one Transfer Flights Bulawayo to JNB) for those joining the first 2 week section of the tour

  • All accommodation throughout the tour.

  • All meals (except where stated)

  • All admission fees for specialist tours and specialist guides at the various site

Not included in tour price
  • Airfares to and from OR Tambo International Airport

  • Beverages with meals

  • Tips for guides

  • General spending money

  • If you arrive or depart other than with the group there will be additional transfer fees for being met at the airport, for transport to the hotel, and for accommodations beyond the duration of the tour.

  • Entrance visa, if required to South Africa, needs to be applied for before arrival.

Accommodation and Meals

Tour accommodations are carefully chosen to provide tour participants with quality accommodations, hospitality, and service at reasonable cost.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price of the tour where stated.
Tour prices are based on two people sharing a room with either double or twin beds. (If you are travelling on your own we will pair you with another tour participant unless you have chosen a single room)
A single room may be available at the stated single-supplement cost additional (TBA)

Passport & Visas

Passport: You must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the date of departure. It is strongly suggested that you take a photocopy of your passport with you in case the original one gets lost.

Visas: Visas to South Africa are based on country of origin. Please check whether you will need an entry visa to South Africa: Citizens of the USA – do not require visas for South Africa.


Please get travel insurance and relevant visas before booking this tour

Registration Details

Prices are based on double occupancy. Should you require a private room, the single supplement of  $(TBA will apply.

A 50% deposit is due on to  secure your place on this tour – the balance will be due by the 1st August 2023

Once you have paid your deposit, you will be required to register for the tour using our Guest Registration Form
Once the deposit and registration form has been completed you will receive an email confirming your place on the tour.

Payment Options

Our preferred option is Bank Transfers –  these are the cheapest.

(Bank transfers can take up to a week to reach us in South Africa)

Cnr Simmonds & Pritchard Streets, Johannesburg, 2000
Suid Afrika (ZA) Republic of South Africa

Branch Code: 250655
Payee Bank Account Name: SACRED SITE TOURS
Bank Account Number: 62555350124

Alternatively payments can be made via credit card through Paypal

Payments, Refunds & Insurance
  • A 50% deposit is generally required 4 months in advance (as per registration details) for large groups of 15 people or more, to secure your reservation unless otherwise stated.

  • The full payment of the cost of the trip must be paid at least 2 months before the trip starts (as per registration details), unless other arrangements have been stipulated.

  • All cancellation must be in writing. If the reason for cancellation is covered by your insurance policy, you may be able to claim these charges from your insurance.

  • Travel insurance is mandatory for all clients and must provide cover for medical expenses including evacuation and repatriation in an emergency.

  • Each group or individual is responsible for all medical and other insurances and their own international travel arrangements.

  • For unforeseen circumstances, you should consider personal accident, baggage, and trip cancellation insurance – such policies are available through most travel agencies. Baggage, as well as personal items, such as jackets, cameras, purses, or packs are the sole responsibility of the owner.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your participation, you may:
Transfer your registration to another person if cancellation is within 90 Days before tour begins a Full Refund will be given, if cancellation is given less than  60 days before tour starts, a 90% of payments will be refunded will be given
Partial refunds may be given prior to 30 days before departure excluding deposit. No refund is given if cancellation is within 30 days of departure (as per registration details).

Please send cancellation notice in writing to

Although it is unlikely, if the tour is cancelled by us, you will receive a full and complete refund.
Sacred Sites Tours reserves the right to alter any tour or to cancel or reset dates for any tour in which the minimum occupancy is not reached or for any other reason.

We recommend that you take out trip cancellation insurance to cover refund of your airfare in such a case.

Terms & Conditions
  • Sacred Sites Tours reserves the right to alter the itinerary, the route, the transportation or accommodation with or without prior notice, should it be deemed necessary.

  • Sacred Sites Tours reserves the right to adjust prices without notice, to reflect fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, fuel cost or tariff rates.

  • Sacred Sites Tours purchases transportation, accommodation facilities and catering services from various independent suppliers that are not subject to its control.

  • Sacred Sites Tours and its associates cannot, therefore, be held liable for any death, personal injury or any loss which may occur due to any act or omission of such supplier or by reason of any other event over which it has no control.

  • While every precaution is taken for the safety of the clients, Sacred Sites Tours does not hold itself responsible for force majeure, any accident, injury, death, illness, theft, loss of or damage to any property or delays from any cause whatsoever sustained or suffered by a client, occurring any time during the trip. The client hereby indemnifies and holds blameless Sacred Sites Tours, it’s members, co- facilitators Michael Tellinger and Dean Liprini, agents and helpers from any claim of whatsoever nature.

  • Sacred Sites Tours and or its agents and associates give notice that all tickets, vouchers, or other issuance for conveyance or accommodation made by them, are made as agents for participants of Sacred Sites Tours upon the express condition that we are not liable for any accident, injury, damage, loss, delay, or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of defect in any vehicle, or through acts or default of any hotel personnel. Sacred Sites Tours or change in schedules, hotel booking irregularities, defaults, accidents, sickness, quarantine, emergency, weather, strikes, war, or other causes. All such losses are the sole responsibility of the participants.

The right is reserved to not accept or retain as a participant any person whose acts or conduct are judged to be detrimental or in conflict with the safety, interest, comfort, harmony, or well-being of the group as a whole.

These terms and conditions shall be interpreted according to the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

Release of Liability

Health and Ability:
I am aware that this trip requires me to have an above average level of fitness and travel, camping, walking – often up hills, and in some cases bending and climbing, are daily activities, and I hereby affirm that I accept the inherent risks involved in exploring sites of antiquity, and that I do not have any physical, emotional, or other disability which would create a hazard for myself, my guides, or other tour participants.

Photography and Film:
I hereby agree to permit Sacred Sites Tours, its agents and other participants to take pictures and make video or film records without further approval or recourse, and I understand and agree that such photographs and recordings may be used for professional, commercial, and promotional purposes.

Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability:
In consideration of, and in part payment for the right to participate in the trip and services, activities and food arranged on my behalf by Sacred Sites Tours, its agents and associates, I do hereby state that I fully assume all risks of illness, injury or death. I hereby release Sacred Sites Tours, its agents and associates from all claims and action for damages in connection with the trip for which I am issuing payment. I concur that the foregoing shall be binding on me personally as well as on my heirs.

Payment, in the form of deposit, or payment, partial or full, shall constitute consent to all terms contained herein.

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