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Sacred Art of Dowsing and Divining

with Geomancer (Earth Diviner) Dean Liprini

Online Workshop

A comprehensive 2 hour online video workshop, that teaches you an “All Consciousness is Connected”  technique of Dowsing and Divining using Divining rods.

Diving is the ability for one to believe and feel the interconnectedness of all things, Physically, Spiritually and Energetically. We have the ability to access and communicate with All that is in the NOW, Has Been and Potentially could be,...on All the different levels, forms of consciousness and states of Being.


How to better Connect with All that Is….

 We need to find within us our spiritual center, the golden thread that weaves through us and joins us to that Universal Tapestry, our God, Truth - Center that is non-judgmental, neither Yin nor Yang, but the space in the middle where these two Divine Energies meet...... "The Creative Life Centre - The Mother/Father/Child God within Us and all that Surrounds.


We must before beginning our Divining, Honor and Connect to "The Divine All"


Finding and Connecting to the "God" centre within Us.


  • We connect to the Earths Energy's Life Force Flow and Earth Song.

  • We connect with the Elemental Energies: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, inwardly and outwardly.

  • We connect to the Sacred Directions N.S.E.W.   Above & Below

  • We connect with the surrounding Nature: Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, The Nature spirits

  • Divas and Fairies.

  • We connect to the Heaven's, the cosmic Energies of the Planets and Stars... Heaven's Song

  • We connect with our Ancestors and Spirit Guides.


These are "The Collective Divining Resources, that are going to help guide us:

Consciously, subconsciously and Spirit Consciously


Now we can Begin to Divine!
  1. Step One:  Pre- Program your Divining Rod's to perform a certain way for what you are seeking.

  2. Step Two:  We Ask permission May we seek guidance ( on this Matter) now?

  3. Step Three: Word Questions Carefully and cleanly....... "Is it for the highest good of All" ....."Is it to My Families Highest Good....?

  4. Step Four:  Holding this Beautiful State of Being....follow the Divine,


Have Fun and Enjoy!


In The Divine Flow..............Dean

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