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Equinox Activation Journey — African Songlines 

March 17th to April 3rd 2023


A journey with Dean Liprini
Assisted by Tom Gingerich

This special tour is limited up to 11 attendees,  who wish to tune-in

and energetically harmonize the sacred sites along this powerful African songline.

This intimate, spiritual journey begins by anchoring our group energy at the northern end of the Drakensberg escarpment and connecting with the Timbavati Sacred Lands of the White Lions,  listening to the messages the White Lions of Tsau!.  We then head down the Energetic “Nilotic Meridian”, Connecting  at Adams Calendar for the Equinox Sunrise/Sunset Ceremony then on to Mont-aux-Sources, one of the highest plateaus of the Drakensberg Range, and the highest waterfall in Africa, Tugela Falls.  We carry this ‘dragon line’ energy west to Kimberley, to the sacred petroglyphs of Driekops Island and to connect with the Golden Songline emerging from the Sacred Womb of Mother Africa “Bushmans Hole”  We then fly, heading South, across the Great & Little Karoow, to Cape Town the Mother City and the majestic Table Mountain . An activation with the  Ceremony at the Sacred fertility “yoni” rock temple site on the Little Lions Head mountain, and Great Motherstone .

We spend time exploring The Cape Peninsula, we visit the Ascension Cave in Sun Valley, Pyramid All Seeing Eye Rock, The Great Motherstone, A local African Township with African, Healers drum and dance, finishing our journey in the Cedarberg Mountains, here we experience two incredible nights,  in the sacred Bushmans Kloof Valley, with its shamanic rock art paintings. We complete our journey by visiting the Sacred Hippo and Seed of Light on Paarl Rock, a powerful Earth Nadis and Mother Earth Temple site.


Dean will share various, Earth Geomancy/Divining, Shamanic rituals and trance-inducing techniques to walk the rainbow bridge, crossing through dimensions and epochs of time, always present in the NOW.


Tom will share his Breath work, Medicine Drumming and Reiki, to help us be more present on the journey and allow it to unfold in the most magical way possible. It helps balance our energy bodies and expands our field of energy. Breathing is absolutely essential to life, however it's often overlooked as a necessity for good health. Deep, conscious breathing is one of the most powerful keys to enhancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites our bodies to our thoughts. 


17 days at US$ 5000, single-supplement cost additional US$1000.

** Optional Additional 1-Night Stay: $100 per person


A 50% deposit is required upon booking only 11 attendees confirmed booking secures your place on this special Songline Activation Journey. The balance must be made no later than Jan 2023.

equinox activations.png


Arrival Day – Day 1 March 17th 2023: City Lodge Hotel at OR Tambo International Airport 

Welcome to Africa!  Our journey officially begins at 19:00 local time with a Welcome Dinner in the dining room of our hotel.  Prepare for early departure tomorrow morning after breakfast. 

Day 2 March 18th – White Lions – God’s Window – Nilotic Meridian

After an incredible scenic journey through the Drakensberg escarpment in Mpumalanga, we arrive at a very   special overlook ! Just one look down and you will begin to understand why it is called "God's Window".  Here on the Head of the Dragon Mountains (Drakensberg) we gaze over the original Homelands of the White Lions of Timbervati, we energetically connect in with these Great Wisdom Keepers and Star Beings, what messages and guidance do they have for us, Meditation and Communications with these Special Beings. Amazing Breath work with Tom! It is here we begin our journey with a two-day immersion with the Timbervati Area, and connecting energetically with the Sacred White Lions and Linda Tucker, and the Global White Lion Protection Trust, as well as anchoring our Group energy into to to the Golden Nilotic Meriridian we will be engaging with.       


Overnight  Blyde River Canyon/ Timbavati Region

White lions.jpg

In the Morning, we are off for an unforgettable overnight journey into the wild, “Big 5” game reserve of Kruger National Park. A journey to Africa is not complete unless you visit Her amazing Wild Animals. We will have our own day-time Big Five game viewing drive and then an afternoon/evening game  drive led by a professional guide, in the African Bushveld. An optional early morning game viewing drive is also available at own cost.

Overnight Kruger National Park

Day 4 – March 20th:  Kruger Park & Full Moon Rise Adams  Calendar

A morning self game viewing drive through and out the Kruger National Park on route to Kaapsehoop

A  meditative Equinox Sunset walk up to Adams Calendar and a small intimate ceremony at sunset.  Overnight at Silver Mist Country Inn in Kaapschehoop.

Day 5 – : March 21st Equinox New Moon Rise and Sunrise Activation Adams Calendar – Durban

Morning New Moon Rise and Sunrise Equinox  New Moon & Intention Seeding Ceremony at Adams Calendar, We then fly from JNB to continue down the Nilotic Meridian to Durban. We pick up our transport and head for the coast and a jump in the Indian Ocean anchoring in the 30 degree Nilotic Maridian. Small Ocean ceremony. Overnight hotel near the beach.

adams calendar swimming.png
Adams calendar waterfall.png
Days 6 and 7 – March 22nd and 23rd : Tugela Falls - Royal Natal National Park


After another morning dip into the ocean we head for the Majesti Drakensberg Mountains.

Here, we feel into the energies held in this area, working the sacred songlines along this stretch of the Meridian, as we ascend the energies of the Drakensburg. The Royal National Park is situated below Mont-aux-Sources, the highest point of the Drakensberg, and source of 4 major rivers that flow across South Africa.  Our Camp is directly below the Tugela Falls, the highest waterfall in Africa and second in the world to Angel Falls in Venezuela.  We will spend a full day immersed in the Spirit of the Source, and the sacred femnine.


The “Mountain of Sources”, is a very high altitude creative center.  Since many rivers have their sources at this site, it is a good place to bless these life-giving waters that flow across Africa, nurturing all life on its way. We hike up to the base of the falls, experience the womb birth canal. Cleansing and rebirth ritual.

2 nights at the Royal Natal National Park. Some pics above of our last adventure here in Dec 2018



Day 8 and 9th – March 24th & 25th: Drive to Kimberley. Rock Engravings at Driekopseiland


24th Drive to Kimberley, afternoon free. 


Morning of the 25th Driekopseiland site about 60 km out of Kimberley, located next to the Riet River. The black glacial rock forms a natural shape of a huge black snake, covered by around two thousand shamanic rock engravings – making this one of the most spectacular rock engraving sites anywhere on Earth. Here Dean will share with you his insights to how these engravings were used in a rain making ritual. We will spend several hours there exploring and swimming and basking in the powerful energy created by the river and the rocks. Dean will hold a rain making ceremony/ritual he received insights to recently from the spirit of the bushman, who did these petroglyphs. Breath work with Tom

tugela falls.png
Driekopseiland rain.png
Day 10: Tuesday 26th March : Womb of the Earth Mother - Boesmans Gat
(Known by the original people as the Sacred Womb of the Earth Mother ) 

After breakfast, we head out for an adventurous day visiting this incredible sacred site, the deepest inland water source in Africa, an ancient sink hole. This main Earth Nadis the Sacred Womb, is an emergence place of the Unified Golden Song Line which keeps calling me back to revisit Her.

So After Each Golden Songline Journey, or at least once a year I will be revisiting and amercing myself and those with me in the healing Songline that sings from these sacred waters. 


Arriving here, we will honour this sacred Womb doing a  respectful entrance to the Womb. What can  we feel and sense about this Energy Center… Dean will facilitate a Rebirthing Ritual that is quite transformative (bring bathing suit). Afternoon visit to the  Wonderwerk Gat Cave, were we will visit some of the oldest rock paintings in South Africa. Dean will share many of his experiences and the significance of these sites in relation to the grid of Southern Africa and the Earth Energy grids. We then visit the Platfontein Bushman community meet and greet the people of the land.

​Evening Flight to Cape Town

Boesmans gat.png
dean in township.png
Day 11 and 12 - March 27th & 28th : BUSHMANS KLOOF VALLEY (B/L/D) 


We travel through the majestic Cedarberg Mountains heading up the West Coast of South Africa, on route to the Sacred Bushman’s Valley, it is here the Ancient one’s experienced the Sacred Path of the Elephants, the Great Wisdom Keepers. Here we will overnight for 2 nights  cottages near to the river. ( Cute and cozy) 


Before Sunset we will walk the trail to experience the land and the shamanic rock paintings left by these Ancient people.

They knew much of the Nature of Heaven and Earth and had an open communication with the Stars... Here Dean will teach a form of meditation to help access the Star communication portal that is here. Photo, on left is a Blue Being, appearing to look over a blue sphere? Keeper of the Blue planet? 


 The next morning, We will spend another day exploring the ancient rock paintings and have a look, and transcend through the veils of time…above are a set of shamanic 


paintings showing the journey of the shaman as he passes from spirit animal/dinosaur to human. 

we visit two GOLDEN ELEPHANTS that have been ceremoniously positioned to capture the last golden rays of Sunset...we will align ourselves with these great wisdom keepers and their memories. 

Here we also visit, The Dancing Ladies painting, of Bushmans Kloof… After another magical day we spend the night around the Campfire and share some star gazing and story telling.


Day 13 – March 29th: Paal Mountain – Sacred Hippo Fertility Cave & Seed of Light

We continue back toward Cape Town to the historic valleys between Paarl Mountain, Franschoek and Stellenbosch - the famous South African Winelands.  We pass through a massive vortex created by the convergence of two great mountain ranges.  We will visit the Sacred Hippo Fertility Cave on the great Paarl (Pearl) Rock mountain, and pay our respects to the ancients. We are there to experience the Solstice sunset alignment Dean first recorded last year, “the seed of light and hope”. New moon ceremony.


Late check-in to our accommodation nearby. Picardie Guest Farm is one of the oldest farms situated in the beautiful historical town of Paarl, in the Western Cape.  The farm has its own natural spring and sells bottled water.

Hippo Paarl.jpeg
Day 14 – March 30th : Table Mountain


 Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, a Peninsula enshrined by the two primal oceans - the Atlantic and the Indian. Early morning on Table Mountain – One of the most iconic sites on Earth. Dean will explain the deep significance of the mountain to the Bushman people – the alignments of the sun and other fascinating details that make this one of the most powerful energetic sites on Earth

We journey up to the top of Table Mountain, experiencing the energies of this incredible site - the legendary Umlindi Wemingizimu - the Stone Giant Watcher of the South!  

We check into Monkey valley resort – rest of day off to relax or explore the beautiful white beach of Noordehoek.

Day 15 March 31st: Morning Off – Ascension Cave

Take the morning off – breakfast on the deck – recharge – walk on the beach or Waterfront and shopping.  After lunch 2pm, we hike to Ascension Cave. This is one the most powerful sites and experiences on our journey – a giant metamorphosed crystalized quartzitic torus cave where you will feel the energy of the entire mountain race through your body, believed to be a ritual cave of rebirth and fertility. Aligned to the Summer solstice, this is one of the Cape’s most sacred caves.

Below Ascension cave, lies a Great Mother cave, an ancient burial cave and earth mother womb, where more than 12 skeletons were removed from their resting place. Come and meet the stone guardians overlooking this sacred cave of the ancients.

We will visit the burial cave and show our love and respect while honouring the ancestors of this sacred place. We will then literally ascend to the crystalline Ascension Cave, to experience the light energies of this sacred portal. Ceremony and meditation. Return to Monkey Valley for sundowners on the deck and dinner.

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 10.22.16
Day 16 – April 1st : Cape Point & Pyramid All-Seeing Eye Rock 

After a scrumptious breakfast we will journey further along the Peninsula. En-route we will visit the Simon’s Town penguin colony – home to the African Penguin (previously known as the Jackass Penguin because of the ‘braying’ sounds they make. At the Cape of Good Hope, we place our feet in the ocean at this vortex of sacred waters to experience the powerful energies found here. This is the south-western tip of Africa, the Divine Tuning Fork where we resonate with this great energy and get in tune!


Here at this powerful earth-energy point, at the primal Root Chakra of Africa, we move to the beach to perform a ceremony together - a seeding of intention into the primal womb waters and vortex where the great Indian and Atlantic Oceans converge. It is here where we will share a wonderful picnic lunch on the beach!

After this powerful experience we visit the Solar Plexus energy vortex, the Pyramid All-Seeing Eye Rock for an evening meditation We will work energetically to better understand the divine masculine and feminine energies that enshrine this place of power and nurturance.  Dean will make a shamanic tea from the surrounding healing herbs to help imbibe the Earth Heaven Song and facilitate a deeper connection with the energies here.  Here we connect to our solar plexus coming into our power and overcoming our fears.

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 10.24.04
Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 10.24.18
Day 17 – April 2nd

We will travel to the Western edge of the Cape Peninsula, to the Great Motherstone a sacred earth temple of the ancients at Llandudno and Fertility Caves, at Logies Rocks Llandudno beach, a opportunity to honor the abundance and fertility of our Great Mother Earth, Time for sounding and whale breath meditation . Breath work with Tom.

After our sharing and if time allows, we venture forth for a late afternoon stroll into the nearby African Township with our local guide. Here we will experience the feelings and emotions of life in the Township. We meet with everyday people, local musicians and traditional healers. We join together the Traditional Healers in song and dance. Sunset drive and stop Chapmans Peak Drive. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 10.24.28
hippo 2.jpeg
Day 18 – April 3rd – Final Sunrise Ceremony – Sacred Tripod Fertility Shrine and Ancestral Cave.

This is it! The sacred day has dawned – We ascend the Gateway of the Sunvalley a deeper insight to the antiquity of the human spirit . Above the Ancestral cave/shelter, lies a Tripod Marker-stone, a possible Stone Age Megalithic Fertility Shrine aligned to the Pathways of the Sun Moon and Stars. Holding some fascinating Sacred Geometries..(What is this markerstone doing here!?) We share in a ceremony and experience a spectacular alignment and sunrise  our final Activation Experience ”Magic is Afoot” with an opportunity to seed our individual and collective intentions for ourselves, humanity and our planet. 


Until We Meet Again …..

We will gather at our hotel for a farewell breakfast and then depart to our next  adventure…All home flights must be evening flights to ensure there is plenty of time to enjoy the Equinox sunrise gathering and final breakfast.

Optional Additional Overnight on April 3rd –  Additional, paid special tours for the  next day 4th April by pre-arrangement.

This itinerary is not set in stone, and may change slightly depending on the weather, people’s health and most important of all, the welfare of the animals.  And of course, the travel schedule is on “African Time”, so patience and understanding will be required and appreciated.

PLEASE NOTE:, We will be driving through South Africa’s most dramatic and lush landscapes and so the views will be incredible!


What is Included:

  • All accommodation on a shared basis.  For single-supplement add $1000 USD

  • All meals 

  • Entrance fees to all parks

  • All Transportation costs

  • Tips and Gratuities, except where ‘The Group’ adds on an activity or experience, not mentioned above.

  • Shuttle to Cape Town Airport on the March 3rd


What is Excluded:

  • Local and international travel to Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Local and international travel from Cape Town, South Africa

  • Laundry

  • Drinks


17 days at US$ 5000, single-supplement cost additional US$1000.

** Optional Additional 1-Night Stay: $100 per person


A 50% deposit is required upon booking only 11 attendees confirmed booking secures your place on this special Songline Activation Journey. The balance must be made no later than Jan, 2023.

General information, REGISTRATION, TERMS & CONDITIONS & Release of Liability

Please read thoroughly

The Tour Includes the following
  • 17 Nights 

  • All transport upon arrival in South Africa for tour duration

  • All accommodation throughout the tour, including game lodge and a game drive

  • All meals (except where stated)

  • All admission fees for specialist tours and specialist guides at the various sites

  • General tips (bus drivers, hotel porters, maids, tips for meals – you may tip personally when moved to
    do so)


Not included in tour price
  • All international flights are not included 

  • Beverages with meals

  • General spending money

  • If you arrive or depart other than with the group there will be additional transfer fees for being met at the airport, for transport to the hotel, and for accommodations beyond the duration of the tour

  • Entrance visa to South Africa needs to be applied for before arrival


Accommodation and Meals
  • Tour accommodations are carefully chosen to provide tour participants with quality accommodations, hospitality, and service at reasonable cost.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price of the tour where stated.

  • Tour prices are based on two people sharing a room with either double or twin beds. (If you are travelling on your own we will pair you with another tour participant unless you have chosen a single room)

  • A single room may be available at the stated single-supplement cost.


Passport & Visas

You must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the date of departure. It is strongly suggested that you take a photocopy of your passport with you in case the original one gets lost.


Visas to South Africa are based on country of origin. Please check whether you will need an entry visa to South Africa: Citizens of the USA – do not require visas for South Africa. or


Visa requirements Namibia


Visa requirements Botswana–Authorities/Ministries/Ministry-of-Labour–Home-Affairs-MLHA/Tools–Services/Services–Forms/Requirements-for-VISA-application/


Visa requirements Zimbabwe:

Please get travel insurance and relevant visas before booking this tour.

Registration Details
  • Prices are based on double occupancy. Should you require a private room, the single supplement of $800 (USD) will apply.

  • A deposit of $2,250 (USD) is due on or before the 1st Oct 2022 will secure your place on this tour – the balance will be due by the 1st Jan 2023

  • Once you have paid your deposit, you will be required to register for the tour using our Guest Registration Form

  • Once the deposit and registration form has been completed you will receive an email confirming your place on the tour.


Payment Options
For the USA

Those of you in the USA can either do a deposit in our US account ( in my wife Ginna’s acc)


I can send Bank info on request

For Everyone else

Our preferred option is Bank Transfers – these are the cheapest. (Bank transfers can take up to a week to reach us in South Africa)

FIRSTRAND Bank Ltd ( also called First National Bank in South Africa)
Cnr Simmonds & Pritchard Streets, Johannesburg, 2000
Suid Afrika (ZA) Republic of South Africa


Branch Code: 250655
Payee Bank Account Name: SACRED SITE TOURS
Bank Account Number: 62555350124


Alternatively payments can be made via credit card through Paypal . Extra $80 (USD) per payment to cover fees.

(please advise if you would like to make a Credit card payment …and I will send you the link.)


Payments, Refunds & Insurance:

  • A 50% deposit is required 4 months in advance for large groups of 15 people or more (as per registration details), to secure your reservation.

  • The full payment of the cost of the trip must be paid at least 2 months before the trip starts (as per registration details), unless other arrangements have been stipulated.

  • All cancellation must be in writing. If the reason for cancellation is covered by your insurance policy, you may be able to claim these charges from your insurance.

  • Travel insurance is mandatory for all clients and must provide cover for medical expenses including evacuation and repatriation in an emergency.

  • Each group or individual is responsible for all medical and other insurances and their own international travel arrangements.

  • For unforeseen circumstances, you should consider personal accident, baggage, and trip cancellation
    insurance – such policies are available through most travel agencies. Baggage, as well as personal items, such as jackets, cameras, purses, or packs are the sole responsibility of the owner.


Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your participation, you may:

  • Transfer your registration to another person

  • Partial refunds may be given prior to 30 days before departure. No refund is given if cancellation is within 30 days of departure (as per registration details).

  • Please send cancellation notice in writing to


Although it is unlikely, if the tour is cancelled by us, you will receive a full and complete refund.

  • Sacred Sites Tours reserves the right to alter any tour or to cancel any tour in which the minimum occupancy is not reached or for any other reason.

  • We recommend that you take out trip cancellation insurance to cover refund of your airfare in such a case.


Terms & Conditions
  • Sacred Sites Tours reserves the right to alter the itinerary, the route, the transportation or accommodation with or without prior notice, should it be deemed necessary.

  • Sacred Sites Tours reserves the right to adjust prices without notice, to reflect fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, fuel cost or tariff rates.

  • Sacred Sites Tours purchases transportation, accommodation facilities and catering services from various independent suppliers that are not subject to its control.

  • Sacred Sites Tours and its associates cannot, therefore, be held liable for any death, personal injury or any loss which may occur due to any act or omission of such supplier or by reason of any other event over which it has no control.

  • While every precaution is taken for the safety of the clients, Sacred Sites Tours does not hold itself responsible for force majeure, any accident, injury, death, illness, theft, loss of or damage to any property or delays from any cause whatsoever sustained or suffered by a client, occurring any time during the trip. The client hereby indemnifies and holds blameless Sacred Sites , it’s members, co- and Dean Liprini, agents and helpers from any claim of whatsoever nature.

  • Sacred Sites Tours and or its agents and associates give notice that all tickets, vouchers, or other issuance for conveyance or accommodation made by them, are made as agents for participants of Sacred Sites Tours upon the express condition that we are not liable for any accident, injury, damage, loss, delay, or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of defect in any vehicle, or through acts or default of any hotel personnel. Sacred Sites Tours or its agents and associates accept no responsibility for losses or incidental expenses due to delay or change in schedules, hotel booking irregularities, defaults, accidents, sickness, quarantine, emergency, weather, strikes, war, or other causes. All such losses are the sole responsibility of the participants.The right is reserved to not accept or retain as a participant any person whose acts or conduct are judged to be detrimental or in conflict with the safety, interest, comfort, harmony, or well-being of the group as a whole.


These terms and conditions shall be interpreted according to the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

Health and Ability

I am aware that this trip requires me to have an above average level of fitness and travel, camping, walking – often up hills, and in some cases bending and climbing, are daily activities, and I hereby affirm that I accept the inherent risks involved in exploring sites of antiquity, and that I do not have any physical, emotional, or other disability which would create a hazard for myself, my guides, or other tour participants.

Photography and Film

I hereby agree to permit Sacred Sites Tours, its agents and other participants to take pictures and make video or film records without further approval or recourse, and I understand and agree that such photographs and recordings may be used for professional, commercial, and promotional purposes.

Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability

In consideration of, and in part payment for the right to participate in the trip and services, activities and food arranged on my behalf by Sacred Sites Tours, its agents and associates, I do hereby state that I fully assume all risks of illness, injury or death. I hereby release Sacred Sites Tours, its agents and associates from all claims and action for damages in connection with the trip for which I am issuing payment. I concur that the foregoing shall be binding on me personally as well as on my heirs.

Payment, in the form of deposit, or payment, partial or full, shall constitute consent to all terms contained herein.

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