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A visit to Namibia is not complete without camping out at the Greater Spitzkoppe, this ancient massive rock formation is a must do day trip!  The famous Spitzkoppe mountains and the surrounding area is without doubt one of the most impressive landscapes of the country of Namibia.

Spitzkoppe is a remarkable granite peak that rises to 1728m, this fact makes the mountain also known as the “Matterhorn of Namibia”. Next to the Spitzkoppe is the “Little Spitzkoppe” with a height of 1584m. Although Spitzkoppe is not the highest mountain in Namibia, due to its characteristic appearance it is the most famous one. Since Spitzkoppe is situated in an endless, dry plain, the island of mountains can be seen from far away.

North-east of Swakopmund is the stark grandeur of The Spitzkoppe (sharp head), one of Namibia’s most recognizable landmarks. It is located in the Namib Desert, between Swakopmund and Usakos, which is also the nearest town (approximately 50km away).


The summit of this imposing granite rock formation (1,728m) was first scaled only in 1946, and its shape has inspired its nickname, The Matterhorn of Africa. But similarities between Namibia’s granite inselberg and the glaciated Swiss Alp, begin and end with its sharp peak.  Namibia is the most ancient desert in the world and well worth a visit.

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