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Why establish the Sacred Site Foundation of Southern Africa?

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

The immediate concern and opportunity

Sacred Sites the world over are suffering huge loss and damage, due to the unconscious development and exploratory procedures and implementations, that were put in place when first research teams and commercial prospectors commenced their exploitations. These were the underlying selfish and greedy intentions of researchers and developers that had little or no respect for the sacredness of the places they were exploiting. This has directly led to the desecration of these sacred sites; the removal of sacred artifacts, the disturbing and removal of sacred soil and burial stones, human remains and the chopping out of rock art – the rock engravings and paintings of these ancient peoples.

We find now sadly in most countries many ancient sacred sites are spoilt beyond repair, sacred treasures lost to humanity for ever and even the very soil and artifacts scattered to the furthest corners of the globe, some hidden and lost in cupboard and drawers of University and Museum archives, unfortunately only experienced or seen by a select few! Many of these Sacred Sites are now, cut off from the public with ugly barbed wire fencing, others sold off to business, housing and farming developers, who have no interest in conserving these sacred sites

It is clear that South Africa needs to be wise and learn from other countries mistakes and introduce a far more holistic and respectful approach to the research and development of our ancient sacred places and treasures, in a way that is inclusive of All relative studies; Physical and Spiritual, Academic and Metaphysical allowing a Unique Group of People – THE SACRED SITES FOUNDATION OF SOUTH AFRICA – to be an NPO to advise, through a more collective perspective and consciousness on the: IF – WHEN – & HOW specific Sacred Sites need to be Safe Guarded and Developed in an Eco-sensitive and Sustainable Way. The need for the Sacred Sites Foundation to be implemented is NOW! Before these Sacred Places (that are our Ancient Heritage, and Sacred Assets) are destroyed and lost forever.

South Africa is not only a Birthplace of Humanity but also perhaps the Birthplace of Human Spirituality. Recently a most exciting Spiritual and mystical discovery in South Africa, was made showing that the Ancient peoples of South Africa built temples and stone monuments with great Astronomical accuracy and Spiritual significance and symbolism, these Sacred Sites and Stones alone hold valuable insight to the Blueprint of Human Spirituality how Ancient people first monumentalized there connection to the Gods of the Heaven and Earth. These sacred sites with their spiritual treasures are a huge draw card for Sacred and Spiritual Tourism, the equivalent of the sacred sites of Machu Picchu of South America, the Great Temples of Mexico, Stonehenge of England, Ayers Rock of Australia, Temples of India and Tibet, the Temple of the Gods of Greece and the famous Great Pyramids of Egypt. These Sacred places around the world create thousands of jobs and bring in Millions of Dollars every year through tourism; from people wishing to visit these countries Sacred Sites.

The scale and magnitude of the Southern African profiles, observatories and Markerstones covering an area over 800 kilometres long is monumental in proportion and defies explanation.  Much work remains to be done to document all the known sites, many of which lie on privately owned land and are inaccessible to the public.  This Mapping of the Southern African Sacred Sites is the primary objective of the Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa, along with developing a strong network of Community Custodianship projects around the country.

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