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Dowsing consultation – Private or Group

$150 per hour, minimum 2 hours, suggested 3 hours

Purchase One Home Consultation Deposit = One Hour @ $150


The earth and our bodies have electrical fields which interact with each other.  During a Dowsing Consultation or Training Group Dean Liprini will help guide you in the Art of Sacred Divining using Divining Rods.


This class will show you how to find, measure and better understand the energies and energy fields of ourselves and ALL Nature that surround us. It will help guide you in your decision making, guide you in the placement of things – in your home, trees and plants in your garden, water feature placement, to find things. It will help one to better understand how we through our conscious and unconscious thoughts, words and intentions… affect others, the world and The Universal Song.



For more info or to book a group email


For Private Home Consultations, which include a detailed mapping of the Earth Energies, that pass through your property, interpreting which energies are beneficial which are harmful (this is explored for each individual in the home) and then guidance given as to how best to interact, divert, direct, subdue these energies. All questions around Living space (bedroom selection, best sleeping positions, creative energy centers, spiritual energy center, communial / entertaining center, healing center) All gardening: underground well water, placement of trees, veggie gardens water features, garden ornaments etc.


Guidance also given Before building: New Homes or addition. Plot and Plan Dowsing, Placement of house (exact corner layout for best Natural energy flow and harmonic alignment) How many rooms. doors, windows (where should they be positioned etc.)

Map dowsing for…. “where is the best place for me/my family to live? etc.”


All this for $150 per hour minimum of 2hrs ……..suggested 3hrs

Purchase One Home Consultation Deposit = One Hour @ $150

Dowsing Consultation with Master Dowser Dean Liprini

R2 100,00Price
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